Adult Bible Studies

Sundays, 9:15 AM. We have many options for you to choose from. Every Sunday School class is also a small group that often meets outside the Sunday-Classroom setting to offer you a thorough opportunity for growth.


College and Career 

Room 213  (2nd Floor)

Casual Christian conversation lead by young leaders of our church.   

The Round Table - All Ages, Co-Ed

Room 117
Curriculum: Book Study. Current book: “The Cure. What if God Isn't What You Think and Neither Are You”, by Bill Thrall and others.

Teacher - Dr. Tom Patterson, a dentist, deacon and charter member of Trinity.

Family Stages - Young Married 

Room 116
Curriculum: Genesis

Teachers - Grayson McClain, Ann Cameron

Grayson lives in Germantown with his wife and two daughters. He has been teaching Bible studies since 1994 and enjoys integrating historical perspectives into lessons. Grayson dreams of the day he can step away from engineering and hike the Appalachian Trail.

Foundations - Married, late 30's, 40's

Room 101
Curriculum: Bible Studies for Life.

Teacher - Randy Ward

Family Circle - 40’s -60’s and up

Room 104

Curriculum: Applying the Bible to Daily Life

Teacher – Rachel Roberts

Besides being a warm and excellent teacher, Rachel is a gifted artist. Just check the beautiful stained-glass window in our sanctuary and you will agree. She is married to Steve, one of our Deacons.

Steps of Faith - Late 40's and up  

Room 103

Curriculum: Smyth & Helwys material. Current: The book of Hebrews.

Teacher: Randy Norman

Cornerstone - 50’s

Room 102
Curriculum:  Books of the Bible - Currently studying Isaiah

Teachers - Elizabeth Richards. 

Elizabeth is the head of our Missions committee and was a missionary in Jordan for 16 years.

Pacesetters - Late 50's and up

Room 128


Curriculum: Smyth and Helwys, Formations Series.
Teachers: Jerry Keenum and Gaston Scott

Champions - 30's and Up

Room 129
Curriculum: Book of Bible

Teachers: Dr. Al Weir and Bruce Smith

Al is a physician who specializes in Hematology and Oncology, is a professor at the University of Tennessee medical school and sees patients at the West Clinic. He is a charter member of Trinity and loves his wife of over 40 years, three children and three grandchildren, all in Memphis. Our class varies from 30-60 fun loving men and women in attendance. The ages of our class members start in the 30s and end in the 80s.Our style of teaching is to lay out the meaning of the Scripture with open discussion for application.


Koinonia - Intergenerational

Conference Room, by the Lobby

Current Study: What is Worthwhile? An exploration on the book of Ecclesiastes.

Dr. Gerson Garros

He is our new associate pastor, recently arrived from his homeland of Brazil. Following the example of Jesus, Gerson’s ministry has been one of Preaching (as a pastor and former missionary with CRU), Teaching (as a former Seminary teacher and Academic Dean) and Healing (as a trained Hospital Chaplain). 



Encouragers - Married, 75 Plus 

The Parlor (Room 100)

Curriculum: Smyth and Helwys, Connection Series of Bible Studies.

Dr. Doug Hatfield, Teacher – Dr. Hatfield is a retired College History professor who loves to sing and, of course, teach.


Curriculum Links

Life Way curriculum series: Compare, Explore, Bible Studies for Life, The Gospel Project and Small Group.  www.

Smyth and Helwys- Formations:

Baptist General Convention of Texas- Baptist Way Press:



9:15-10:15 am
Adult Sunday School


6:15-7:15 pm
Bible Study with Dr. Richard Hipps.  Currently studying the Bad Boys of the Bible.