Adopt A Verse

Our Bible translation project for the Twig Cluster of South Asia is going on now. There are boards in the Sanctuary Foyer with all of the verses of the book of Mark listed on them. Pick your verse or verses and sign your name beside the verse (or verses) you are adopting to have translated. There are envelopes on the tables. Write your name and phone number and the number of verses you are adopting on the envelope. Then put your money or check in the envelope and write the amount enclosed on the envelope. It is $25.00 a verse to translate. There is a basket on each table. Just drop your envelope in the basket. On Sundays, there will be someone at each table to answer questions or assist you if needed. If you are translating verses in honor or memory of someone, write that on the envelope and we will compile a list of these.

This is a great opportunity for the church as a whole and each of us individually to make a difference in our world today and to bring the Scriptures to people who have never had a Bible in their language.