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Trinity Baptist Church

Preschool Department Policy and Procedures


We are eager for your child to have happy experiences at church and trust that you will be willing to help. Parents are encouraged to talk with Preschool teachers, the Director of Preschool, and the Preschool Sunday School Director about their child. Any suggestions concerning your child's well-being are always welcome. Become familiar with the Preschool guidelines and cooperate in every way possible.

Check in at a Preschool kiosk to receive a Check in slip and pager

Take child to classroom.

Give your check in slip to the teacher or volunteer.

 Information cards should be completed for each child at their first stay in the preschool area. These cards provide information that is found on your Check in slip and are posted in the classroom. Information cards provide the preschool department with the child's name, birthday, names of parents or guardians, address, allergies, any instructions for feeding and sleeping, and other special needs or instructions. If any of this information changes, the Director of Preschool and the Preschool Sunday School Director should be notified and the information card should be updated.

ALLERGIES: In addition to indicating allergies on the information card, please specifically tell the Director of Preschool and the Preschool Sunday School Director of any allergies your child may have. An allergy list is kept on the bulletin board in each classroom listing each child and what allergies they have.

Knock on the classroom door to leave or receive your child. A teacher will greet your child. Please do not enter the room.

Never leave your child in any preschool room unless a teacher is present.

Preschoolers are discouraged from bringing toys and personal items that may be distracting. Special items are permitted if you child needs them for security.

Parents must pick up children immediately at the close of each service.  Return your pager to a teacher or volunteer.

Your Preschool ministry is staffed with volunteers, so it is expected that parents will participate.

Dress your child in clothing that can withstand an occasional spill as preschoolers learn through play and art activities.

Clothing should be appropriate for diaper changing (snap seats) or potty training (two piece outfits).

A care card will be completed upon drop off for all infants.


All personal items should be CLEARLY LABELED with the child's name (diaper bag, clothing, cups, bottles, bibs, burp cloths, and blankets).

All children should have one change of clothes and ample diapers and wipes for their entire stay.

All toddlers should bring their own sippy cups clearly labeled with their name.


The term 'teacher' applies to all preschool teachers elected by the church, all preschool volunteer workers, and all employed preschool workers. All teachers are expected to:

Wash their hands when entering the room.

Wear name tags.

Be familiar with and follow all guidelines in the handbook.

Be sure each child has a Check in Slip.

Be 18 years of age or older or have a signed ''Children and Youth Worker Covenant'' form.

Report all incidents promptly to the Director of Preschool and always complete the written incident report. If medical attention is necessary, contact the parents or responsible party immediately. Also, to communicate to parents or responsible party any incident that occurs.

Prepare for each session using teaching materials authorized by the Preschool Leadership of Trinity Baptist Church, if applicable.

Be in assigned rooms ready to greet children at least 15 minutes before the starting time for service and until all relief teachers have arrived.

Must have two teachers present at all times. If you need to leave the classroom, please have the director of Preschool fill in for you.

Allow only age-appropriate children in a preschool classroom.

Communicate pertinent information with other preschool teachers about children in you care

Provide only those snacks approved by the Preschool Leadership. Those snacks usually consist of apple juice and goldfish crackers or snacks prepared by teachers in conjunction with their units of study. Return snacks to the designated area.  If you are providing any special snacks that day, a notice should be posted on the door listing any allergens.

Check the allergy list and information cards before distributing any snacks. An allergy list will be kept in each classroom listing each child and what they are allergic to.

Place all toys that have been in children's mouths in sink to be disinfected.

Use Clorox wipes on surfaces and larger toys.

Always make certain the crib has a clean sheet before placing a child in it.

Put away all toys, materials and equipment and prepare the room for the next session.

Complete the care card or sticker for all children who are not potty trained. Care cards or stickers should be given to the parents or responsible party when the child is picked-up from the classroom.

Arrange for a substitute when they are unable to work as assigned. The Director of Preschool should be notified of any substitutions.

Follow ALL security procedures for receiving and releasing children.


The playground is intended for use only by preschool children of Trinity members and our guests.

Two teachers shall be present at all times preschoolers are on the playground.

The following activities are prohibited:

Climbing on the brick walls or fence

Jumping from platforms or other heights

Throwing rocks or other materials

Climbing up or going down the slide in any other manner than feet first

The Director of Preschool will advise teachers when conditions are inappropriate for outside play (e.g. too hot, inclement weather).


Teachers should check and/or change diapers at least once per session.

Never turn your back on a child while he is on the changing table.

New gloves and fresh paper should be used for each diaper change.

Teachers should wash hands with soap after each diaper change.

Always wear (new) gloves when handling bodily waste (urine, stool, blood)



Our preschool care is provided for well children. For the protection of your child and other children, parents are requested not to bring a child who appears to be ill.

Based upon the recommendation of the Committee on Control of Infectious Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child should not be taken from their home when any of the following have been observed within the past 24 hours:


Vomiting or diarrhea

Any symptom of a childhood disease such as scarlet fever, German measles, mumps, chicken pox, or whooping cough

Common cold - from onset to one week

Sore throat


Any unexplained rash

Skin infections (boils, ringworm, impetigo)

Pink eye or other eye infection


If a child develops a fever or symptoms of illness, he/she will be isolated and the parents or responsible party contacted.  It is at the preschool directors discretion as to if the child must be sent home.

Teachers cannot administer medication.

Should your child develop an infectious disease (measles, mumps, strep throat, chicken pox, etc) following a session in the preschool area, please contact the Director of Preschool.

For sanitation reasons, soiled clothing will not be rinsed but returned to you in a plastic bag.

If you child has any condition that might require specialized intervention or precaution, please contact the Director of Preschool to make special arrangements (e.g. allergies).


Trinity uses a pager system to promote security in the preschool area on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and for other events with church-wide attendance when childcare is provided.

Please do not enter classrooms when leaving and picking up your child.

Upon entry into the preschool area, parents or responsible persons should come to a preschool kiosk. They will be issued one pager for all their preschoolers (kindergarten and under). The silent pager will vibrate should there be a need to contact the parent or responsible person concerning a child.

Attach the pager to clothing or put it in a location where the vibration will be detected. Remember it is silent so don't put it in a purse or jacket that is not being worn.

The pager must be returned a teacher or volunteer in order for the child to be released to a parent or responsible person.

Only a parent or responsible person will be allowed to pick up a preschooler.

  In the event a pager is lost, the person picking up a child must provide his or her driver's license for identification before the child may be released.

When your pager vibrates please report immediately to the preschool department. You may stop the vibration of the pager by pressing the button on the side of the pager.

If there is a change of custody for a child, the parent or guardian must immediately notify the Director of Preschool.

For our security system to be effective in ensuring the safety of your child, it is imperative that these guidelines be followed at all times.


Above all, in any emergency situation, the teachers should model calmness to the children. Their safety is our first priority.



If the fire alarm sounds or fire or smoke is present, teachers shall remove all infants and preschooler from the building as quickly and calmly as possible. Each room contains a route diagram showing designated exits.

Teachers should first count the class members to ensure all children are accounted for. Infants should be placed in one or two cribs and rolled outside of the building.

Preschoolers should be guided out of the building.

Both infants and preschoolers shall be taken to the basketball hoop located on the eastern side of the church campus where everyone shall remain until receiving notification that the building may be reentered.


If the tornado warning siren sounds or there is other notification of such danger, teachers shall move all preschoolers into Room # 116 B in the hallway east of the gym.

Teachers take the blue roll to account for children

Infants shall be placed in one or two cribs and rolled out of their room into Room# 116B.

If possible, extra crib mattresses shall be taken and used for cover.

After moving the children to Room #116B teachers should sing songs, tell stories, and show children how to tuck their heads to their knees with arms placed over their head.


If the building shakes, assist children in assuming a drop position. Sit or kneel on the floor with head down towards knees, hands clasped behind neck, arms against ears, and eyes closed, away from windows or other potential hazards.

Teachers of infants shall, if possible, place children in one or two cribs, place extra crib mattresses over the tops, and roll cribs away from windows.

When it is safe to do so, teachers will be instructed to guide all children to the ball fields.

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